Joana Brown

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Massage Therapist
Bringing awareness of habitual, daily routines that can affect your future health and may prevent chronic symptomatic skeletal dysfunction.

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June 1 1998
Massage Therapy

Did you know that… 

4 to 7 hours is the average time a person spends at a computer each day!

Regular stretching is just as important as regular exercise and has major benefits! Too much time at our computers results in overstretched lower back and tight chest muscles. This causes the shoulders and head to be pulled forward, leaving one with a hunched shoulder look.

Here are some of the main benefits of stretching:

For Your Body

* Increases range of motion

* Decreases injury by preparing muscles for activity

* Lengthens tight muscles (that pull areas of the body away from their intended position). 

For Your Mind

Even a short amount of time (5 -15 minutes) of stretching can calm the mind, provide a mental break, and give your body a chance to recharge.

Joana grew up in Portugal the Island of Madeira, lived in Jersey Chanel Islands, England for 6 years then moved to the United States. Because of all her feet surgeries she was not able to attend school till she moved to the united states at the age of 15. 

Board Certified Massage therapist & Health Instructor. #1 National and International Best selling Author speaker. Corporate Rehabilitation Specialist, worked with Chris Kingsley and American Hockey league minor league for the NHL - LA Kings & New York Islanders, Ongoing Consultant with Marriott Hotels, Scripps Hospitals and Martha Vineyard Hospital in Massachusetts. 

Started out in Boston most of her life married her husband David and had 2 beautiful baby boys. en 911 forced Davids job to relocate the whole family to San Diego for a while, Houston Texas for a bit then on back to the beach city’s near LA. After only being back to California just over a year her husband David was diagnosed with a very advanced Bone Cancer and after only 9 months he passed away at the age of 52. 

For Joana, It’s all about making choices that may not seem like much at the time you make them, but in the long run you can look back and say “ at really made a Difference” whether it be in her own personal life or to someone else. 

She lives near the beach in LA, and can be reached at her personal website at www.SitBeFit.Co 

Meet Joana—watch her sizzle reel here: www.SitBeFit.Co 

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